Life Quotes #5423

You screwed me over so badly it just annoys me to hear your name

Life Quotes #5422

I LOVE catching people in lies..and than listening to them continue to lie

Life Quotes #5421

Fake Hair, Fake Nails, Fake Tan, Remind Me Again Why Boys Like You?

Life Quotes #5420

I hate when im yelling at someone and i mess up what im saying

Life Quotes #5419

being afraid to let your leg hang off your bed in case it gets eaten

Life Quotes #5418

Those summer nights that you never want to forget about.

Life Quotes #5417


Life Quotes #5416

the wink face makes everthing a little dirtier

Life Quotes #5415

I bought a bag of chips. Not half a bag of air.

Life Quotes #5414

Singing along with your AOSFYC CD
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    What God knows about me is more important than what others think about me.
    Old People + Technology = Funny.
    reading a text over and over again before replying back to it because it is soo sweet :)
    This world is coming to an end... Volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, Justin Bieber...
    Heyy a message! Oh, its you, what a waste of excitement.
    War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
    Sometimes I act like I don't care about you anymore, when in reality you're all I seem to think about.
    i hate when you talk to someone every single day , then it just stops. all of a sudden neither of you say a word to each other ever again.
    Stop being so attractive, your distracting me.
    Never hate those people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy, because they are the ones who think you are amazing.
    Me: *Accidentally thinks about something awkward I did three years ago. Me: *no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nO NO.. NO NOo .
    When I was younger I used to draw the sun in the corner of the paper. ALWAYS.
    Looking down every god damn aisle in the grocery store for your parent.
    Oh your Twitter account is protected? What do you tweet? Nuclear launch codes?
    "a little bird told me.." WOW i gotta meet this freakin' bird!
    I love women. I'm trying to do beautiful things with them. I'm not trying to insult them. My life is not about that.
    After a test me&my friend look at eachother and say "YEAH I FAILED THAT"
    I know you so well i hear your voice through your texts
    I want a job at Starbucks because Iím going to spell everyoneís name wrong so they canít instagram their cups.
    I need a vacation from life.
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