Life Quotes #6090

A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love. May that beautiful life be yours always.

Life Quotes #6089

You know you're addicted to Facebook when you eat at the computer instead of a table :)

Life Quotes #6088

The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.

Life Quotes #5441

Dude, is that a guy or a girl?

Life Quotes #5440

Quoting Movies in Everyday Conversation

Life Quotes #5439

I hate when people volunteer to read in class... and cant read

Life Quotes #5438

I love how one status can turn into a long conversation!

Life Quotes #5437

Goodmorning texts!<3

Life Quotes #5436

I hate being mad at someone I never wanna lose.

Life Quotes #5435

The ten seconds of confusion after a nap.
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    Hey Facebook: Make a chat that WORKS!
    i am always here if you need me......
    Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.
    I'm not ignoring you, I'm waiting to see if you'll make the effort... for once!
    What do we want? A cure for obesity! When do we want it? After dinner!
    Too bored to stay home. Too lazy to go out.
    "Laziness is our biggest enemy"- Jawaharlal Nehru. "We should learn to love our enemies"- Mahatma Gandhi. (which one you choose?)
    People change, feelings fade, promises are broken but memories stay forever.
    no offense but i want to set you on fire
    The person who says the mean thing you all were thinking
    Life is a fatal complaint, and an eminently contagious one.
    Missing someone who doesn't miss you back is probably one of the worst feelings anyone can feel.
    that "fuck everyone" mood.
    It is important to give it all you have while you have the chance
    You can't love anyone until you understand that you can't love everyone.
    teacher: homew- me: can you not
    do you ever just sit there and think “why am I not rich"
    I always say I'm done with you, but i never am....
    Everytime I see the word "explain" on a test, a little part of me dies.
    No matter how amazing you are at something, there will always be an 8 year old Asian who is better
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