Life Quotes #6090

A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love. May that beautiful life be yours always.

Life Quotes #6089

You know you're addicted to Facebook when you eat at the computer instead of a table :)

Life Quotes #6088

The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.

Life Quotes #5441

Dude, is that a guy or a girl?

Life Quotes #5440

Quoting Movies in Everyday Conversation

Life Quotes #5439

I hate when people volunteer to read in class... and cant read

Life Quotes #5438

I love how one status can turn into a long conversation!

Life Quotes #5437

Goodmorning texts!<3

Life Quotes #5436

I hate being mad at someone I never wanna lose.

Life Quotes #5435

The ten seconds of confusion after a nap.
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    Be thankful for what you have.
    We need to stop teaching our children to sing the alphabet song. It took me years to realize that 'Elemeno' wasn't a letter.
    People used to imagine that 2013 would be full of flying cars but all we have is blankets with sleeves.
    Never get on one knee for a girl that wont get on 2 for you.
    If I Could Cuddle With You All Day, Believe Me I Would <3
    You can do something without worrying about it, but many people worry without doing something about it.
    I hate texting people first. I feel awkward, annoying and unwanted...

    You gon' finish that?
    do you ever feel bad about not feeling bad about something you should feel bad about
    The best friendships are built on inappropriateness and sarcasm.
    i have lost all motivation i only care about christmas
    Awkwardly sitting there while your friend is being yelled at by their parents...
    Was I Talking To you? No, Didn't Think So.
    "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." - Stephen Covey
    Black Friday should be on 1,000 ways to die
    "I mask my bad hair by showing cleavage."
    12 Ways to Accomplish More By Doing Less
    "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." - Alexander Pope
    "How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live." - Henry David Thoreau
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