Life Quotes #5413

Tripping, then looking back at what tripped you with an evil glare.

Life Quotes #5412

corn hole, drinkin beer, fishin, bonfires,... looove country summer life!!

Life Quotes #5411

I Look At Pictures And Wish I Could Go Back To That Day

Life Quotes #5410

freaking out when you feel something touch you in the ocean

Life Quotes #5409

Every year, I realize how stupid I was the year before.

Life Quotes #5408

I love days in class when all we do is chill and talk the whole time

Life Quotes #5407

trying to dodge someone, and you both step the same way.. twice.

Life Quotes #5406

I wonder if her parents know she is a whore..

Life Quotes #5405

Oh hi, I only exist when you need something.

Life Quotes #5404

I like this song. Repeat for the next hour.
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    One spelling mistake can ruin a realationship between a husband and wife: andquot;I'm having a wonderful time here, wish you were herandquot;
    I like this song. Repeat for the next hour.
    I spent half of my day thinking about you. I spent the other half thinking of how not to think about you.
    somewhere between long talks and making fun of eachother, i fell for you <3
    I built forts with blankets and pillows when i was little
    If I talked to my Parents like some of these kids I'd be dead.
    A rejected high five is one of the biggest insults there is.
    I hate that feeling. The feeling when you're sad and you have no idea why, but you just are.
    Don't mistake my kindness for weakness and I wont mistake your stupidity for needing your ass kicked!
    Overcome the devils with a thing named love.
    "Thats what she said" Who is she. Why is she saying all these dirty things?
    If I didnít have a smartphone, Iíd be asleep 4 hours earlier every night.
    My days are backwards. I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake.
    Smile at the BITCH who brings u down; Laugh at the JACKASS who screw u over; Point the middle finger at the IDIOTS who didnt know any better
    That moment when you have so many things to do so you decide to take a nap instead.
    be happy,,dono hi pagal hote hai pyar me:- 1st> rote rote mar jata hai. 2nd> haste haste mar jata hai. pain does it :D
    "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it." - William Arthur Ward
    When it comes to making a big change in your life you have to want it more than you fear it.
    There is no remedy for love but to love more.
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