Life Quotes #5384

i wish life came with a remote to << rewind > play ??pause >> fast forward

Life Quotes #5383

I have never talked to you in my life, but I like your status

Life Quotes #5382

i want a good relationship in 2010 <3

Life Quotes #5381

my life was more productive before FaİeBook!!!

Life Quotes #5380

My friends and I have a tendancy to be weird, crazy, and random!

Life Quotes #5379

"mom mom" "WHAT!!" i dont want to talk to you now you just yelled at me.

Life Quotes #5378

You are my best friend... NO ONE and NOTHING will ever change that..

Life Quotes #5377

When you are single, all you see are happy couples.

Life Quotes #5376

STOP MOVING!! I need to read your shirt!

Life Quotes #5375

I know you so well i hear your voice through your texts
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    Saying: 'I'm a fan of that on faacebook' in real life.
    me every morning: should have gone to bed earlier
    I spell "beautiful" by saying B-E-A-youuu-TEE-FUL, thanks to Jim Carrey
    When there is harmony between mind, heart and resolution, then nothing is impossible.
    i need another drink, im starting to recognize you!
    I HATE when your putting on ripped jeans and your feet get stuck
    "If you are over weight and have trouble going up stairs, put a biscuit on each step..."
    I wish I had speakers built inside my shower
    "i want you, i want all of you, everyday, you and me, forever."
    I'm not in a bad mood, you just annoy me
    have you ever loved a lyric so much that when you hear it feels like your heart is trying to burst out of your body
    I hate when I forget what I wanted to say
    Trying to say goodbye to someone and 15 minutes later your still talking.
    Your crush + fast replies = best feeling.
    Should i smile because we're friends or cry because we're just friends???
    Every mother on earth gave birth to a child. Except for my mother... she gave birth to a legend.
    I'm the best person i know in the world.
    Sleep is my drug. My bed is my dealer. My alarm is the cops. Class is the JAIL.
    Feeling Beast After You Rap A Verse Of A Lil' Wayne Song Without Messing Up
    Choose your words and actions wisely. They can be forgiven, but not forgotten.
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